The question that I’m most often asked as candidate is why I’m opposed to the construction of the proposed PennEast natural gas pipeline in Delaware Township.  In addition to the potential environmental harm the proposed pipeline poses to our community, there are other significant reasons why I ask every Township resident to join me in fighting this poorly thought out proposal.

The most important reason for my opposition is the use of the eminent domain seizure of property to generate profits for a private company.  By the eminent domain process, our neighbors and their families will lose their homes, farms and properties with the taking being sanctioned by the federal government.  I think that this is wrong and I hope that you feel the same as I do.

Another reason for my opposition is the significant negative financial impact that the proposed pipeline would have on home values.  Two local realtors have estimated that the value of homes in the area (not only that adjacent to the pipeline; aka “the blast kill zone”) would decrease up to 20% if the proposed pipeline is built.

Additionally, we should also consider the negative tax impact that the proposed pipeline would have on property values.  Granted, if the pipeline is built, it will increase the gross tax revenue for the township.  However, after private property owners located near the pipeline file tax appeals to adjust for the reduced value of their properties, the net tax revenue to the township will be neutral at best and will most likely be negative.  When this occurs, the shortfall in property taxes generated from properties with reduced value properties will be made up by increasing property taxes on everyone else.